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I’m happy you’re here! Make sure to check out all this site has to offer. From our amazing grill and canopy research, reviews and deals to great BBQ recipes we’re here with you every step of your grill and chill journey.

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I keep things pretty straight forward on this site. It’s all about grilling and relaxing under a canopy!

Now, I started out like many of you did with a small Weber kettle grill and a few bags of charcoal. Over the years, that kettle grill is still around but I also have learned a thing or two about grilling and I enjoy sharing those experiences with you.

A few years ago I was searching for a backyard canopy. We all know that a bit of rain can ruin a relaxing day outside. I also wanted a canopy that wouldn’t blow away when a strong breeze came along. So I started to research what was available.

Imagine the difference a high quality grill and canopy makes. Not just for your backyard or patio, but for camping, kid’s soccer games, picnics, or craft shows. A great BBQ grill and canopy tents allow you to enjoy an event even if the weather isn’t cooperating. For some events, like a family get together, having a great grill and a quality canopy could make the difference in keeping those memories more enjoyable.

Lets face it, grilling and chilling is fun and rewarding. There’s nothing like gathering around the barbecue with a beer in one hand and tongs in the other. You can watch the kids and dogs play in the backyard, enjoy your steak or hamburger and watch the sun set in the distance.

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