Canopy and Tent Weights and Sand Bags

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Canopy weights are ideal for keeping your tent or canopy stable and sturdy and keep it from blowing away. Canopy weights can be purchased as weight plates or you can buy empty canopy bags and fill them with water or sand. Weights are easily portable to fit in your car, truck or SUV. And if you buy canopy bags you can fill with sand, rock or gravel. They work great for pop-up canopies, gazebos, beach tents and shades, wedding tents and party tents.

If you are looking for weights, you’ve probably because you’ve seen the wind shaking your canopy tent. Canopies and tents do not do well in strong windy conditions. If the wind is strong enough, it can take your canopy up, up, and away.

How do you know how much is too much wind for your canopy? Should you take it down and how can you help keep your canopy grounded.

To add an extra layer of security and peace of mind it’s important to use canopy weights. They provide stability in cases of higher wind or other elements that may move the shelter.

Weather is unpredictable. You may think a nice sunny day with no wind or rain in sight couldn’t bring on a storm. But things can change quickly. Even setting up for a tailgate only takes a few minutes to add weights and the added effort will pay off if you experience a sudden wind gust or thunderstorm

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Types of Pop up Canopy and Tent Weights and Sandbags

You have four options to help weigh down your canopy. How much weight is needed will depend on the size of your canopy but a minimum of 10 pounds per leg should be used.

  1. You can purchase weight plates.
  2. You can purchase unfilled weight bags.
  3. You can buy prefilled sandbags.
  4. Make your own DIY do it yourself canopy weights.

Canopy-Pop Up Tent Weight Plates

Weight plates help keep your canopy or tent stable and in the desired location. Weight plates work by slipping around each leg. They work on most common surfaces like grass or concrete and since they are sealed will never need refilling. These are very common at farmers markets and craft shows and are easy to place on each leg. Don’t make the mistake of tying your canopy to your display table just because it’s loaded with products. As you keep selling at the market or craft show, that table gets lighter and a sudden gust could blow your tent in the air.

Weight plates are a versatile option that can work almost anywhere and with any budget and can be found at Lowes, Home Depot, Menards and Wal Mart during the summer. They are usually made of a hard plastic shell and filled with silica sand and have a slot that slides around the pole.

Unfilled Weight Bags

Weight bags are unfilled bags that can hold up 10 to 30 pounds each of sand, rock, or dirt and are perfect for most surfaces. There are also unfilled containers that you can fill with water. Some weight bags have specially designed Velcro straps that secure the bags to the legs while others attach with hooks or ties.

Prefilled Sandbags

These are available at most home improvement stores and usually come in 30-40 pound bags. These are the same bags you will see during heavy rains to help protect property from flooding. This is probably the cheapest way to go if you want to add weight, but the bags will rip and deteriorate withing a year or two and need to be replaced. And if you are already at the beach, there’s plenty of sand available.

Make Your Own DIY Weights

If you have the right materials already at your disposal, these weights may not cost you anything! Concrete cinder blocks usually weigh around 20 pounds each and can be made to stake down a canopy by using a rope wrapped round the block and leg. You can also use PVC pipe tubes filled with sand and sealed on the ends.

Another idea is to fill old pillow cases with sand and use them as weights. You can also take a five gallon bucket and fill it with wet concrete and then place a large eye bolt into the mix when it begins to dry. When the concrete dries you will have a heavy but secure anchor to hook a bungee cord or rope to the leg.

Generally speaking most tents, canopies, umbrellas and shades can withstand up to 30 MPH winds if they are assembled and anchored correctly. But even a light breeze can have 12 MPH-20 MPH winds. A moderately windy day can easily see winds up to 30 MPH. Ropes and stakes help to securely anchor them down but you likely will need to add weights for extra protection. Weights are a must have if you plan assembly on asphalt or concrete and you are unable to use stakes to secure your canopy.

You Probably Will Need Weights

You’ve probably seen your canopy or tent blowing in the wind and wondered if its just a matter of time before it blows away. Windblown tents, canopies, shades and umbrellas are also leading cause of injuries. They will need to be secured outdoors and adding weight is definitely your most convenient, easy and safe choice.

And lets face it, you need to protect your investment. You don’t want to be out in the sun. You need a nice shady place for kids to play games and keep cool during the day. Maybe a mosquito free evening to enjoy a glass of wine and a little snack. Or maybe a comfortable spot for a picnic. Now that you have spent your hard earned money on a quality product take a few extra steps and keep in great shape.

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Keep An Eye On The Weather

However, no amount of weight will hold up to very strong winds. Most manufacturers recommend 10 to 50 pounds per leg on a 10′ x 10′ canopy. Another way to avoid high wind damage is to remove the sidewalls when high winds are expected. With a few precautions and taking the time to set up properly, you can enjoy your time relaxing beneath your canopy despite the wind.

Be mindful of your surroundings and take a look at the weather report for the day.

Just because today started beautiful, a few hours later it could bring strong winds and rain or even a tornado. A light weight pop up canopy or beach shade will blow away if not anchored down with some type of weight.

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