Weber Grills and Smokers Forum

A place to discuss grills and smokers made by Weber-Stephen Products LLC. Topics may include news, history, discussion, pictures, memes, etc. about grills, smokers, accessories, recipes, techniques, restoration, and/or anything else Weber related. Provided by Reddit Weber Grills. Weber has built a reputation as a leader in the grilling industry, known for producing high-quality, durable … Read more

Weber Spirit 2 vs Weber Spirit: Which Grill is Right for You?

Lets compare the Weber Spirit grill and the Weber Spirit 2 grill. The Weber Spirit grill is the clear winner over the Weber Spirit 2 grill and I will tell you why. Before we get into the details of the Weber Spirit, let’s go over the reasons why you might consider buying one of these … Read more

Char-Broil Performance Series 4 Burner Grill-Best Value In Grilling

Are you ready to embark on a journey where culinary excellence meets unbeatable value? Today, we’re pulling back the curtain on the grilling world’s best-kept secret – the Char-Broil Performance Series 4 Burner Grill. Get ready to elevate your outdoor cooking game without breaking the bank because, my friends, we’re about to delve into why … Read more

Best Selling Weber Gas Grills

Weber is one of the best names in grilling thanks to its reputation of reliable and durable high-performance gas grills. While buying a Weber grill is a smart choice, there are many different models to choose from. You will find Weber’s entry level Spirit gas grill model, the mid range Genesis series and the high-performance … Read more

Weber Portable Grills. Compare Traveler and Q Series Grills

You’re in the market for a new portable gas grill to take camping or tailgating. Weber has come out with something new in the portable grill category and it’s kind of a big deal as it gives you another choice in addition to the Q series grills. The Weber Traveler portable propane grill. New for … Read more

Charcoal Gas Grill Combo

Gas charcoal combo grills give you the best of both worlds with a hybrid grill that uses gas and charcoal. A dual gas and charcoal grill gives you the simplicity of propane or natural gas cooking while getting charcoal smokey grill flavor. You may also be looking for a combo grill with smoker. Smoker grill … Read more

Blackstone Griddles

Blackstone griddles are an amazing way to enjoy barbecue from backyard cookouts to tailgate parties to a family BBQ. The key difference with using a Blackstone griddle and using a grill is the cooking surface. Griddles have a smooth flat cooking surface and require different techniques to use. This guide reviews the leading Blackstone griddle … Read more